Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ripping youtube videos the easy way

Ripping movies from YouTube the easy way

John was very happy and there was no reason why he should not be. This hard core fan of Madonna had just completed his checking his mails and had completed chatting with his online friends and before calling it a day visited the YouTube site. For those who do not know, YouTube is the world’s largest video display portal where members can upload and show off their videos to their friends and the millions of other visitors.

Addicted John cannot save Madonna:
There is no doubt that there is any other video sharing website that has the popularity that is commanded by YouTube. John is such an addict of this site that he hardly passes an online session without paying a visit to this site. He checks out videos uploaded by his friends and also uploads videos that he has shot himself. He knows that he can find a variety of videos on this site and they include cartoons, music videos, TV shows anime and a host of others.

Today John was surprised beyond expectations. You see, he is an avid fan of Madonna and there is hardly a video of her, which he does not possess. Today he saw a particular video of this famous music star that he did not have in his collection. Whopping with glee this teenager right clicked on the file in order to save it on his hard drive. `This should be a piece of cake’ he had thought.

John discovers Ripzor:
Whenever John had found interesting videos or pictures on the web he used to right click on the same and then use the `save target as’ command to download the same to his hard drive so that he could watch them at leisure. He would also add the ones he liked to his ever-growing personal collection. There was something strange that was confusing John. There was no response when he right clicked the mouse pointer on the video. He tried using a different browser but with no effect.

There has got to be a way he mused to himself. Not one to give up so easily, John started searching the web in order to find out means of downloading that video from YouTube’s site. After a few moments he had successfully downloaded the video of Madonna. He had used a site called Ripzor. Using the same is pretty straightforward. Just check out the address bar of your browser when you are viewing any video on YouTube and you will find that there is a particular URL linked to each video.

Just highlight this URL and copy the same by right clicking and then selecting copy. Paste this URL on the appropriate field in the Youtube Ripper. Once you have done that just click the convert icon and select the video format you want the software the video to be converted to. Now select save giving the location you want to save the converted video to.