Sunday, May 18, 2008

The premier online poker room

At pacificpoker you can learn the basic rules of  poker , play at their slow pace beginner’s table, and in order to improve your game you can check their latest version of pacific poker. You can share your knowledge in the poker forums and get inside the minds of the pro poker players. The pacific poker is operated by Cassava Enterprises and their random card output is reviewed by independent auditors. The game is licensed and regulated to offer online gaming service and it is known as the world’s best online poker room on the net. Another game the site offers is the Texas Holdem. It is the widely played poker game in America and Europe and it arrived in the 50’s in Las Vegas. The texas holdem  allows each player to use a combination of five community cards and two pocket cards to make a poker hand. The pacificpoker has created a large variety of texas holdem ring games and tournaments. With four rounds to bet you have plenty of chance to win. And now, they give you even more ways to win with two exciting types of progressive jackpot texas holdem tables. They have Initial amounts of $5,000 increase in size in our bad beat and royal jackpots with every hand played at their tables