Thursday, May 1, 2008

Free Flash Games

Looking for the hottest games, there are Free Games to download at Free Flash Games. For the editor’s picks, they have the virtual hottie 2, the great tree, build-a-lot, kudos rock legend, the scruffs, supercrow, mahjongg artifacts, and little shop big city. There are also a lot of games to pick, such as Molipop, where the game takes you to southern china, this is the land full of treasures, your object is to get as many gold coins as possible. There is the classic game of concentration, it is a mix and match game where a one or two player game is challenge to find pairs. In the sheeplings, the task of the game was to try to get the sheep into the fenced in area through the gate. This was accomplished by moving the sheep dog in order to get the sheep to move. What a great site to visit and Download Free Games.