Monday, February 25, 2008

Free Classified Ads

In stumblehere, you can post a Free classified ads  in your local community and at the same time buy and sell stuff through their classified. The services offered varied from automotive, beauty, computer, education, labor and a lot more. There are also personal ads like casual encounters, men seeking women, and rants and raves. You can also check out some forums, from dogs and puppies, music, arts, culture, literature, philosophy and religion. And if you have something to say, like you are upset with your government, or that today’s headline caught your eyes, and other interesting things you like to discuss, just say it! Publish a rave you about something you want to share or obtain votes towards highest rated rant and you may have the chance to win at local classified. The top 20 newest and  Free local ads are also featured, like the topic about a letter to God, what do you think of 2012, which do you prefer google or yahoo, and the politics in India.