Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best CD Rates

There are traditional options for investing cash. The stocks, mutual funds, and ETF’s; CD or Certificate of Deposit Accounts and High Interest Savings Account; Real Estate; Bonds and Treasury Bills; and Stay in Cash. The Stock Market is applicable only if you have the guts to actively trade and go short. The Certificate of Deposit drawback is putting your money in savings accounts and the interest rates will continue to decline because there is no doubt that the federal bank will continue to slash rates aggressively. In Real Estate, most buyers are waiting on the sideline, while the prices have been cooling. As much as possible, you stay out of real estate until you see signs of credit meltdown. In Bonds and Treasury Bills, it may be a safe option but the return on the investments is not enough to outdo the inflation. It is unwise to remain in stay in cash where the U.S. dollar devaluates.
With the global market in a tumbling situation, with over 5% in single day, it is wise to be on the lookout for your funds. The best way is to cut your expenses. Don’t invest your stocks for short term. Thus, you have to invest wisely and be more aware of the type of investment you are into like looking for best CD rates