Friday, April 20, 2007

Make Money on Blogs using Obeus

How to start publishing ads?
Publishing ads is as easy as ABC. Just do the following:

Register and Sign-In.
Add your site to Catalogue (click My Sites at Member Menu, then click Create).
Click View Blocks icon in My Sites list (Advertising Blocks column). Click Create. Tune your block using Block Design form and Block Preview.
In your website blocks list click Code icon to get ad block code.
Add block code to your website.
That's all! Now also take part in Affiliate Program.

How to start advertising your website?
There are two ways to start advertising:

The fastest, one-step way: click Advertise on this site on any ad block, fill the form, deposit funds and get advertised! You will be able to change any ad campaign settings using your member interface.
The traditional way:
Register and Sign-In.
Create an ad: click My Ads in your Member Menu, then click Create.
Create a campaign: click My Campaigns, then click Create. Add sites and/or whole categories to your Cart. Click Step 2.
Tune the CPC values for each of selected sites and categories.
Set the daily campaign spend limit and click Start Campaign Now.
Deposit funds if you have selected at least one non-zero CPC.
Be Advertised! Your campaign will start automatically

Payment is through e-gold and e-commerce website is only accepted.